The Resolve-DnsName cmdlet performs a DNS query for the specified name. This cmdlet is functionally similar to the nslookup tool which allows users to query for names. Note: The Resolve-DnsName cmdlet will return a maximum of 25 A and AAAA records from NS servers.

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Jun 11, 2009 · Usually when it says "Can't resolve hostname" the Ip is usually typed in wrong, or maybe missing a certain number. This has happened when I try to join servers then I look at the ip and put it in again, (Correcty) then it works.

Hello guys, When i try to use the Test Management Network took from the Host i cannot resolve the Host name. I check the DNS and have no PTR record for the Host, so i recreate them but still nothing happens. It just stopped working out of the blue. Somewhere after uninstalling percona server and deleting /etc/mysql. Initially it thought it was a problem with networking when host has been to sleep while guest was running which is a known issue with VMWare. But it can't be. Debian 7.4, VMWare tools installed /etc/resolv.conf

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How to Fix: Computer Name Won't Resolve on Network (April Update) Microsoft recommends setting a list of services on all your PCs as "Automatic (Delayed)" to help with the name resolution. In most cases this should resolve the issue, but in certain cases it may not work (such as with OpenVPN - I will describe a second method in a future post).