Mar 10, 2020 · Most popular varieties mature at 10 to 15 feet, much smaller than in the wild, making them perfect for year-round privacy in evergreen landscaping. American arborvitae is durable and adaptable, its biggest problem being deer browsing (wrap in burlap in the winter or spray with a deer repellent). Light: Full sun or part sun

Among the most versatile of evergreens, junipers range from ground-hugging creepers to mounded shrubs and upright trees. Whether you are looking for a steely blue groundcover or a tall tree for a fast-growing privacy hedge, junipers fit the bill. All respond well to pruning, making them useful hedges. Name: Juniperus selections. Zones: 3–9 Silver King, Manhattan, and Golden Euonymus: Euonymus shrubs are excellent choices for privacy shrubs. Whether it’s the white-tipped Silver King, the shiny Manhattan or the yellow-edged Golden Euonymus, these shrubs provide an easy to maintain solution, with minimal pruning and watering needs. Soils that have poor internal drainage with high clay content, or sites with high water tables may all hold too much water for trees and shrubs to survive. Some sites are wet for extended periods only during spring and fall when rainfall is abundant but evaporation is low. There are shrubs for privacy, ground cover, stunning stem color, and a wide range of foliage color. You can even choose between evergreen or deciduous. Even better, most shrubs can easily be grown in containers and some get lovingly styled, like a pampered pet. An area of cultivated shrubs in a park or garden is known as a shrubbery. When clipped as topiary, shrubs generally have dense foliage and many small leafy branches growing close together. Many shrubs respond well to renewal pruning, in which hard cutting back to a 'stool' results in long new stems known as "canes".

9 Privacy Landscaping Ideas — Garden Screening Ideas

Sep 21, 2017 Best Privacy Hedges | Evergreens for Privacy European Beech is one of the best bushes for privacy which is an extremely popular choice in Europe and for European-styled gardens. It offers lush, green foliage in the spring and summer and copper fall color that persists through the winter. Even though it is deciduous, the persistent leaves still provide some peace through the winter months. Plants for Privacy | HGTV

14 Privacy Hedges that Grow Fast and Tall Quickly Low Maintenance Privacy Hedges for Your Backyard Berkman’s Golden Arborvitae (Thuja Orientalis). The Berkman Golden Arborvitae is an evergreen shrub that grows to five Camellia Japonica (Camellia Japonica). The Camellia Japonica is a flowering, broadleaf evergreen that reaches a height 10 Best Evergreens for Privacy Screens and Hedges